Formation to Orders


« Because the training of candidates for priesthood is an integral part of the vocational ministry led by the Church, we must say that the Church, as such, is the communal subject that has the grace and responsibility to accompany those whom the Lord calls to become his ministers in the priesthood. » (Pastores dabo vobis, 65)

The formation of priests and permanent deacons is an essential duty and a primordial responsibility of the whole Church.  In a diocese, this task is primarily entrusted to the bishop who, in carrying it out, surrounds himself with reliable assistants who form a support team for the candidates.

In our archdiocese, this team is led by Father Jacques Cantin.

The diocesan team consists of two groups: those who assist candidates for the priesthood, and those who assist candidates for the permanent diaconate.  Here are the members of the team:


Animators :                Hélène Richard, Jean Richard
Animator priests :      Jacques Cantin, ptre
Animator deacons :      René Laprise, d.p.
Members :                    Philippe Gendron, v.g.,
                                       Julie Labelle, Pierre-Paul Périard, d.p., Jean-Yves Prévost