« In each Diocesan curia, there will be a chancellor … » (Canon 482)

The chancery is the authority delegated by the diocesan bishop to take care of issues related to Canon Law, for the good of the faithful and the glory of God.  It ensures that the official acts of the bishop or his assistants are redacted, authenticated, shipped and stored; this under the mandate received by the bishop.  It has the charge of the weddings office: approval of the files, permissions, and dispensations, and the training of the teachers.  The chancery has the faculty to emit a certain number of dispensations and permissions.  Because its members have been trained in Canon Law, it can answer questions from the ministry personnel and parish secretaries, and assist parish councils and parish priests.  It also cooperates with the other diocesan services.

In the Archdiocese of Gatineau, the chancery offers assistance to all the faithful who consult it for various issues.  Among the other tasks of the chancery, we can mention assistance in the preparation of canonical marriage records, and the conservation of diocesan archives.  The chancery is responsible for all preliminary steps in the preparation of official demands for marriage annulment at the ecclesiastical tribunal in Montreal.

Two people work at the Chancery:

  • Mr. Pierre-Paul Périard, d.p., chancellor
  • Mrs. Léa Normandeau, secretary.

If you have any questions related to laws surrounding baptism, marriage, funerals, parish councils, etc,… please do not hesitate to contact us.  We are here to help you.