Diocesan Conncil for Economic Affairs (DCEA)


The Diocesan Council for Economic Affairs is made up of volunteers who are recognised for their competence and their integrity.  The DCEA advises the Archbishop on financial and economic matters, as required by Canon Law.  It also assists the Diocesan Economist in the preparation of the annual budget of the archdiocese.


Diocesan Council for Economic Affairs (DCEA), with the help of the bishop, elaborates the policies in reference to the financial management of the diocese.

Archbishop : Msgr Paul-André Durocher
Économe : Daniel Dezainde
Membres : André Bouchard, Gérard Gratton, Manon Guitard,
Pierre Laflamme, Bernard St-Georges,
Louis-Charles Sirois, Suzanne Théoret


Courriel : dezainded@diocesegatineau.org