Useful information

Parishioners wishing to obtain forms from the Chancery office of the diocese of Gatineau must either contact Mrs. Léa Normandeau, secretary, or Mr. Pierre-Paul Périard, chancellor, at the:

Gatineau Diocesan Center
180, Mont-Bleu Blvd., Gatineau, (Quebec) J8Z 3J5
Telephone: 819-771-8391x222
Fax: 819-778-8969

Certificates and forms from the Quebec provincial government

 Marriage registration forms, Request forms for certificates (birth, marriage, death) having civil value.

Montreal region 
2050, Bleury St., 6th floor
Montreal, (Quebec)  H3A 2J5
Tel.: 514-864-3900 
Fax:  514-864-4563

Quebec City region
205, Montmagny St., 1st floor
Quebec City, (Quebec) G1N 4T2
Tel.: 418-643-3900 
Fax: 418-646-3255


Genealogy: People wishing to consult the civil registers for genealogical reasons.

Montreal Archives Center

Gilles-Hocquart building
535, Viger Ave. E.
Montreal (Quebec) H2L 2P3
Tel.: 514 873-31100x4 
Fax: 514 873-2980
E-mail :


Quebec City Archives Center

Louis-Jacques-Casault Pavilion
Laval University Campus
1055, avenue du Séminaire
P.O. Box 10450, Sainte-Foy branch
Quebec City (Quebec ) G1V 4N1
Tel.: 418 643-8904 
Fax: 418-646-0868
E-mail :

Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday: 9AM – 5PM
Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday: 9AM – 9PM
Iconographic, architectural, and audiovisual archives, and maps:
By appointment, from Tuesday to Friday, from 10AM to 12PM, and from 1PM to 5PM
Monday: Closed
Tel.: 514 873-1101x6270


Library, maps, and iconographic and architectural archives:
From Tuesday to Friday, from 9AM to 12PM, and from 1PM to 5PM
Manuscripts, microfilm, and audiovisual archives:
Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday: 9AM – 5PM
Wednesday and Thursday: 9AM – 9PM
Monday: Closed