Historical milestones 1963-1997


For 35 years now, our local Church of Gatineau-Hull has lived in deep collusion with the human community of the Outaouais.  The recollection of events punctuating our history as milestones invites us to celebrate the alliance of our local Church with the joys and pains, the challenges and the hopes of its parishioners.

As we remember, we update our will to intensify this vital relationship with our Church and the history that is written all throughout this land of many faces, a land of settlement and passage.  As we remember, we renew the will of our local Church to borrow the paths of its local men and women, where multiple networks are created; where rich aspirations are born; and where many generations intertwine in their momentum towards the future.

It is good to put upon paper these events that have woven over the years a common destiny for the Outaouais, to share them amongst ourselves, and to transmit them from generation to generation.  The faithful remembering of our past ensures a just path to our common future.


This page of history written in broad strokes strengthens our hope, and invites us to constantly strive for a more fair and fraternal society.

†Roger Ébacher