« This full and active participation by all the people is what we must strive for with all our might, in order to restore and develop the liturgy.  It is indeed the primary and indispensable source from which the faithful must derive a true Christian spirit; and therefore, it must be sought eagerly by shepherds of souls, in all things ministerial, with the necessary education. » (Sacrosanctum concilium, no 14)


In the life of the Christian community, liturgy occupies a primordial spot, along with training towards a Christian life, and commitment towards fraternity and solidarity.

Liturgy, of course, comprises the Sunday Mass: the Sunday Eucharist.  But it also includes the prayer of the Liturgy of the Hours, the celebration of the sacraments, the blessings and other celebrations of popular piety.

In order to support the parishes in their liturgical life, in order to ensure beautiful celebrations on a diocesan scale, a Diocesan Table on Liturgy meets regularly to exchange, plan, and evaluate diverse projects.


Diocesan Committee on Liturgy


Established by the Diocesan Coordination for Pastoral Affairs, following a request by the Archbishop, the Diocesan Committee on Liturgy has as objective to offer to Christian communities means of liturgical education in the context of the « celebration » dimension of the diocesan catechism project.

To do so, with the collaboration of the parishes and the pastoral units, the committee will take stock of the state of our liturgical celebrations, with the aim of offering, as required, training and tools that will ensure, in all its dimensions, more vibrant and significant celebrations.


Diocesan committee on liturgy
Archbishop: Msgr Paul-André Durocher
President: Julie Labelle
Members: Suzie Arsenault, Denis Ménard, Pierre-Paul Périard, d.p.
Pauline St-Onge, s.s.m.n.