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1st Sunday of Advent

Publié le : 2016-11-23 a 00h00 | Catégorie : Diocese, Parish


            When I read this First Sunday of Advent readings, a song by Robert Lebel suddenly popped in my head. Its chorus says (and I translate) “Do you know what time it is? It's time to get out of your sleep. Stand up! It is high time to get up to walk freely in the sunlight.” This is exactly what St. Paul said to the Romans. But more importantly, it’s what he’s telling us today.

We have somehow fallen asleep in our habits, our ways of doing things. We struggle to shake ourselves not only to be awake, but to stand in the light of the Risen Lord. Standing up, like free people walking freely in the sunlight. This is the best testimony we have to give to the world today. This world that is inhabited by God forever and that is our place of commitment so that Justice, Peace and Joy of believing can spread out and become Good News. And that’s why we need to stand up and stay awake, so that the people around us can also believe.

Advent is a time of conversion, of interpellation. A time which is given us in the Liturgical Year to raise us up and be on our way. It is also a waiting time. Not one that make us turn around in circles. Advent is a time of waiting that shakes us, awakens us. A time when a voice cries in the deserts of our world to challenge us and transform us from within. That is conversion. To accept to be transformed, turned around so that the Good News can take its rightful place in this world so loved by God.

So throughout these four weeks that are beginning, let us be shaken by the Word of God. The one that will be proclaimed and that will resound in our hearts. Open our ears and hearts to hear the pressing call of God about the mission of our Church in the world. Let us pull down the barricades that, instead of protecting us, prevent us from walking freely in the sunlight.


                                               Wishing you a blessed Advent,



Suzie Arsenault

Adjointe à la coordination pastorale