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5th Sunday of Lent

Publié le : 2017-04-01 a 00h00 | Catégorie : Diocese


          You are probably familiar with this citation of Felix Leclerc: it is beautiful death, it is full of life in it. This is what we see in the scriptures of the fifth Sunday of Lent. Through the mouth of his prophet Ezekiel, God say to his people Israel, ‘I will open your tombs, I will bring you up again ... I will put my spirit in you and you will live.’ It is this same Spirit who, according to Paul, dwells in us and will give life to our mortal bodies.

This Spirit that comes from the Father gives life to us, brings us back from death and all the little deaths that we live through in our lives. Jesus followed the most painful path to be faithful to his Father's loving plan for mankind. And this project is eternal life for all its children. A life that nothing, not even death, can stop, if we believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, the Father's Envoy.

This is what Jesus means when he says to Martha: ‘If you believe, you will see the Glory of God’. And at the call of his name, Lazarus comes out of his tomb. What Jesus did say to us that death is no longer the end of life. That all deaths can be changed to a life totally transformed. Christ is one with the Father and the Spirit who, in faith, gives us to taste this new life that will come to its fullness after death.

All our lives, we will experience little deaths, be it by the loss of a loved one, psychological wounds and desert journeys when faith seems so far away from us. These moments are times of passing from death to a transformed life. All these passages that confront us in our faith and in which we must keep hope that the Spirit of God continues to blow on our lives. Our God is a faithful God who has given us His Son to open us a passage to life in Him. He sends us his Spirit so that his breath comes to comfort us in our sorrows, to push us towards the open sea when we hesitate and infuse in us the joy of the children of God.

Let us keep in our hearts that we do not live our difficult passages alone. Christ will accompany us to guide us to his Father. Remember what he said: I am the Resurrection and Life. He who believes in me, even if he dies, will live.


Suzie Arsenault

Adjointe à la coordination pastorale