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Christmas Message from the Archbishop of Gatineau

Publié le : 2018-12-17 a 09h00 | Catégorie : News, Billboard, Communicated, Diocese






Christmas, a Season of Gifts: donating gifts, receiving gifts, surprising gifts, disappointing gifts, amazing gifts, etc.! We could write books about certain gift-giving anecdotes!


I could tell you the story of a child who received a flute and politely tucked it away in a drawer, where it remained for several years ... Until adolescence, when curiosity prevailed and gave birth to a passion for music that lasted to this day. Or the story of the first gift bought with one’s own money - a true source of pride.


We could share many stories about gifts, but the most precious gifts are not manufactured, they cannot be bought, they cannot be hidden under the bed in anticipation for the holidays, they are intangible: joy, enlightenment, a meaningful relationship. These gifts fill our hearts and when they disappear from our lives, they leave an empty space... but our hearts are fuller because of them, able to love with more generosity and sincerity.


On December 25th, why not take the time to appreciate the gifts that are part of our daily lives and that we may take for granted? Above all, let us not forget the most wonderful of gifts: God who gave Himself to us through a beautiful child, born two thousand years ago, to show us the way, the truth and the life.


If we welcome Him, if we open our hearts to Him, He will settle there and never leave. He will be our eternal source of peace and joy.


To you and your loved ones, Merry Christmas!


✞Paul-André Durocher
Archbishop of Gatineau