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Faith opens our eyes

Publié le : 2017-03-24 a 09h00 | Catégorie : Diocese


Sight is an important meaning. When there is a danger of losing it, we have the reflex to look at people, things with more attention, to focus on details and colors. Nothing we see is commonplace anymore. So let's imagine for a moment how the blind man healed by Jesus felt. His world was made up of sounds, of touching in the darkness. He could feel the heat of the sun on his skin, but did not see his light create shadows. And then one day Jesus, seeing him, healed him of his blindness. His whole life changes, he opens his eyes to the multitude of colors of the world around him. When he saw Jesus again, he had become a faithful man, a believer.        

We are sometimes blind. Our gaze arises on things automatically, without stopping. Our eyes pass over people without really seeing them. We look with a blind look. It is the same with faith when we fall into the trap of comfort. Our faith should prompt us to always let ourselves be shaken by what is happening around us, by the signs that the Spirit puts on our paths. The gaze of Jesus was one that plunged into the heart of the person and left a mark on it. Noël Colombier wrote a song on the look of Jesus. He speaks of it as eyes full of friendship and kindness, a look like fresh water, which shakes and eyes that pray.

 What do our eyes say to the people they gaze upon? Are they like the gaze of Jesus coming to touch hearts, raise and change people? Maybe sometimes we are asleep in our habits and we do not see anymore. Let us take the time to remind ourselves of a gaze that has made us feel good, a look that has warmed our hearts. It was good, was it not? So do not let our faith become a habit, because it will eventually lose flavor, keeping our eyes blind and drying our hearts. To be a believer is to remain vigilant every day to discern the calls, to bear witness to the Gospel by words and benevolent gestures for those we meet. Let us not be blind in heart.

Let us really open our eyes and our hearts will open,


Suzie Arsenault

Adjointe à la coordination pastorale