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The path of the disciples

Publié le : 2017-04-26 a 00h00 | Catégorie : Diocese

The path of the disciples

What a beautiful passage is this account of the meeting of the Risen One with the disciples on their way to Emmaus. Can we let this story challenge us in our lives as baptized disciples starting on the road? For the first step is to go out and explore the world around us. Take the time to discover the people on their path, what concerns them, the way they look at the world. Be walkers of meaning with them.

To walk with is to get accustomed to the step of the other, to respect it. Of course, sometimes the route taken will not quite be the one we would have planned. This will require a good deal of confidence to risk deviating from our paths to enter the other's path. The mission is to take the pilgrim's stick and be unsettled. It is the price to pay to meet the other and the Other.

The people we meet already have a story, like the disciples of Emmaus. In the course of their journey, they have accumulated experiences, good and bad. But above all, they are already inhabited by a desire. By listening to them, we may come to recognize with them this desire. And we can go one step further, open the book of the Word together, chewing it with them so that they can taste it and discover Jesus, the key to understanding the Word. Rediscover with them, through their eyes, the Good News.

It is good to welcome people who come to us. It is equally important to let us be welcomed by the other, to accept to be transformed by this contact. To be close to the other is to become a little of what he is and to give him a part of ourselves. Thus the Good News that we announce will become credible. Letting ourselves be welcomed by the persons we are meeting, is respecting their truth and the presence of the Holy Spirit already at work in them. Then we can celebrate and recognize that our meeting place is a sacred space, a place of encounter with Christ. The celebration marks the importance of what has happened between us on our common road.

Let the other freely go his way. Freedom is difficult to live for oneself but it is especially difficult to grant to those to whom we wish good. Yet it is the only way that is life-giving. By walking with the disciples of Emmaus, Jesus freed them. The kind of freedom that helps one stand up, make one's own choices. Freeing somebody is a matter of love and trust. It is at the heart of our own inner freedom that this love and trust will grow.

Jesus gives us a model of interaction with others as true missionary disciples. Will we engage on that road?


Suzie Arsenault

Adjointe à la coordination pastorale