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The spirit is given

Publié le : 2017-06-02 a 13h45 | Catégorie : Diocese

The spirit is given

Since his election, Pope Francis is breathing fresh air into the Church. He constantly invites us to go out into the world, to go to those who suffer, who need a word of hope and love. He invites us to become missionaries so that the world becomes a place of mission for all, a place which can nurture and sustain. The Spirit has blown on the disciples and it continues to blow today. Do we feel it? Do we believe it?

The first of Pentecost was an opening to all nations. The Word made flesh and acknowledged by the Father was addressed not only to the Jews, but to all people who inhabit the earth. All human beings are children of God, his people. Christ takes down barriers, all hearts are touched, all barriers of language flattened. Nothing can stop the movement of the Spirit at the heart of the world.

The breath of the Spirit brings forth gifts in us. These spiritual gifts do not come from nowhere. We have been created with abilities and qualities. Sometimes it takes time to become aware of them and own them. The Spirit is there to help us. But these gifts are not for ourselves. The gifts we have are for the good of all human beings.

The disciples who received the breath of the Spirit in their lives brought the Word to the world around, we also receive our gifts for the world. We cannot bury our gifts for fear of losing them, for we will lose them. These gifts are for the world outside of us. The Word must be shared. This is the only way to open a path to the heart of all people, one at a time.

At the present time, we hear a lot in the Church of Quebec about the Missionary Turn. We may have forgotten this mission in our communities. Yet the Church's raison d'être, Christ’s death to resurrection, took place so that the Word, the Good News, and God's love for us could be spread to every place. Every time the Spirit blows, it is for the mission

We can no longer be disciples who only remain close to the Master to listen to him. We also have to take to the road so that this breath reaches others. We are called to be missionary disciples. People who pause with the Lord to catch a breath, and then go forth in mission.

So I'm asking you again. This Spirit that continues to blow like a breeze and a storm, do you feel it? Do you believe it?


Suzie Arsenault

Adjointe à la coordination pastorale