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This week will be holy

Publié le : 2017-04-05 a 00h00 | Catégorie : Diocese

This week will be holy

With the Palm Sunday and the Passion of the Lord Feast, we are entering Holy Week. It is indeed an invitation to enter into the heart of the Christian Mystery, the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. A mystery that should resound in our hearts like an invitation to follow Him. Are we ready to follow the road that opens before us at the beginning of this week like no other one in our Church?

The last days of Jesus is more than a chronicle. The way He stood all through those events is a strong testimony for His friends and the witnesses that He met. It's not trivial. It is both a troubling experience of suffering that echoes in our own sufferings and the example of a commitment deeply rooted in His unfailing bond with the Father.

And I believe that it is with Christ that we must walk during this Holy Week. So His strength may sustain us, His sufferings give sense to our own and His resurrection restore to us the impulse to truly live in the Light of Christ, perfectly connected with that God who came to live with us. Jesus walked on our roads, he walked this earth and got to know it through his contemporaries. Filled with the love of his Father, he was His Herald and touched people who approached him. Witnesses rise after His death and others are still rising today.

Why not just go to the Vigil or Easter Sunday celebrations? Where there is joy, laughter, Alleluia? Do we really need to do this annual pilgrimage from the Last Supper, to Death on the Cross? We know the last path of Jesus. Christ is risen, let us celebrate! But there is a very simple reason that justifies this invitation to live and celebrate all that He has lived. The Resurrection without the Cross loses its meaning.

There is something to be recognized in what Christ experience on His last days. He was not alone during this painful experience. There was a strong bond between Him and the Father, A bond that was present from the beginning of his life. It was this bond of mutual love which led Him through is mission,   accompanied Him all the way on His final days in Jerusalem. A love that allowed him to live through what few people could have done. Even in the depths of suffering, this Love lived within him.

This is what we have to acknowledge in all the celebrations of Easter Triduum. This deeply loving bond God offers us every day of our lives. He is with us in our sufferings, He is there when we are doubting, and there in our moments of joy. His love will always raises us up, as it did for his Son.

Have a good Holy Week,


Suzie Arsenault

Adjointe à la coordination pastorale