Personnel administration

The personnel of the Diocesan Centre make up the heart and soul of our organisation.  The main task of the diocesan administrative personnel is to support the work of the Archbishop in his ministerial and administrative mandate.


Philippe Gendron - Vicar-General

A native of the Outaouais region, more precisely the Buckingham district, during his high school and college years, he helped organize summer activities in his community.  After his studies in Theology, his first appointment was in school ministry; during this period, attentive to the needs of the students for work experience, and with the help of a very active committee, he helped set up a Community Television station.

After taking part in Bible Studies outside the province, he returned to become a priest in the Île-de-Hull district, as well as starting a local Biblical animation group.  That interest would soon rise up to a diocesan, and then national level, when he was hired by the Catholic Bible Society`s Bible Promotion department.  (He was also pastor at the Notre-Dame-des-Neiges parish, in the Masson district, at the time.)

Back in the Outaouais full-time, he was named pastor for the St-Paul and St-Médard parishes, both in the Aylmer district.  He then accepted a position as Vicar-General at the Diocese, a position he has been holding for at least 15 years now.

Recently, he was named as priest-attendant for the St-Alexandre and St-Matthieu parishes.

Pierre-Paul Périard -Chancelier

I am a permanent deacon, married, father of four and grandfather of five. After 35 years of RCMP service, I embarked on a new adventure—as diocesain Chancellor. In the RCMP, I was in charge of security for a number of national and international events. As a volunteer, I was involved with many organizations – community, sporting and parochial. For a few years I have been studying theology, life coaching and Canon Law.

For me, the Chancery is first and foremost a welcoming space that provides legal support, which is not always obvious. My goal—that people feel included, valued and ready to pursue their pilgrimage on earth knowing that Jesus accompanies them


Chantal Belleau - Administratrice-économe

Chantal Belleau completed a Bachelors’ degree in accounting at the Université du Québec en Outaouais in 1991, after having done studies in Law and Psychology.  She was a licenced accountant (CGA) from 1994 to 2010.  She also has a Masters’ degree in Project Management, degree obtained in 1999 at the UQO. 

Mrs. Belleau has 25 years’ experience in economic development, in entrepreneurship, in project management, as well as in management of companies and non-profit organizations.  In addition, she has been teaching at the UQO for 16 years now, transferring her business knowledge to a new generation of managers.

She has chosen to pursue her career with the Archdiocese of Gatineau because she wants to contribute to an organization where human values, teamwork, and contributing to our community are considered important values.

Mrs. Belleau took part in many different pastoral committees while studying at the Séminaire Saint-Augustin, and did volunteer work in her community and with the Saint-Pierre Church in Fort-Coulonge.  Mrs. Belleau is a member of a family that is generously involved in their community, and where the values of mutual assistance, education and volunteering are very important.

For the past 30 years, Mrs. Belleau has done volunteer work for many non-profit organizations in the Outaouais region.  As well as participating in specific activities, doing sponsorship drives, and sharing her expertise with others, she has served on the boards of directors of 26 organizations, including the Fondation des bourses du Pontiac, the Jardin éducatif du Pontiac and the Service d’intégration au travail de l’Outaouais.    

Suzie Arsenault - Assistant diocesan pastoral services coordinator

A native of the Montreal region, pastoral services entered her life in her early teens, when she became a committee member for the AELC (Association of Engaged Liturgy Committees) of her parish.  It was love at first sight, the consequences of which were studies in Theology at the Université de Montréal and, a few years later, a training session in spiritual care, at the Manrèse Center in Quebec City.

Moving to the Outaouais in 1992, she did volunteer work for her parish before becoming a parish pastoral agent.  For 13 years now, she has been a pastoral agent for the diocese of Gatineau.  And it’s as an assistant pastoral services coordinator that she now shares her rich experience, her numeroustalents, and her great will to serve the Church.

The only daughter in a family of four children, and single, she has joyfully been chosen four times to serve as someone’s godmother, and is now great-aunt to four grand-nephews and nieces.

F. Daniel Charland, s.c - University ministry

A native of the Centre-du-Québec area, more precisely the Lotbinière county village of Ste-Sophie-de-Lévrard, he was the eldest of a family of four children.  He entered the Community of the Frères du Sacré-Cœur d’Arthabaska, in Victoriaville, in 1982.  He has a Technical Degree in Special Education from the Collège Marie-Victorin, and a Technical Degree in Pastoral Services from the Collège André-Grasset in Montréal, which he then followed with a Certificate in Religious Studies from the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières.

In 1999, he co-founded the Centre Emmaüs des Bois-Francs (a non-profit organisation in the Victoriaville area that helps people aged 11 to 35 years old in their social and spiritual development).  Starting in 2000, he has been involved in many parish preparation and accompaniment projects, including: the PACEM teams (preparation for marriage), the Flambée des Bois-Francs (for those aged 18-35), the «Sunday Night Fever» (potluck followed by a time of prayer) meetings, the Christian Missionary Communities (CMC), the Taizé Prayer sessions, the Communion meals, and the preparation and accompaniment of delegates at the WYD in Toronto, Germany, Spain, Brazil, and Poland. 

Léa Normandeau – Secretary Executive

Originally from l’Île-du-Grand-Calumet, in the Pontiac County of the Outaouais, in 1974, she received her vocational diploma in Secretarial Studies.  She then worked 18 years for the Federal government, at their Translations Office in Hull.

During her years of being a stay-at-home Mom, Léa did a lot of volunteer work, most notably as an Executive Board member for many community, school, and parish organizations.

Since returning to the job market, she has been the secretary for many different departments in the Diocesan Center, (Indeed, she has been working for the Diocesan Center for over 10 years now).  She has also participated in many different workshops on Office Administration at the CÉGEP de l’Outaouais. Finally, she is still married, and has four children.

Lise Rochette - Assistant to the Economist

A native of Beauport in the Quebec City region, where she completed her studies in Computer Science, she has worked for most of her career in the field of accounting.

She started her career at an accounting firm in Quebec City, to then work in administration for seven years for the Quebec City congregation of the Sisters of St-Vallier.  She then moved to the Gatineau region in 1998, and joined the team at the Archdiocese of Gatineau in 2009.

Annie Esson Assoua - Project manager

Native of Cameroon, in central Africa, she did her studies in Business Law at the University of Dschang, Cameroon and then took on a degree in Administration and Management at Senghor University in Alexandria, Egypt.

She worked for many years in Cameroon, in development projects and in microfinance.  But seeking newer challenges, she immigrated to Canada in 2015.

She is a dynamic young woman, with a passion for anthropology, sociology, and the beauties of nature.  She is also the proud mother of a wonderful young girl.

Neven Humphrey - Administrative assistant, and translator of the website

Born in St-Malachie, in the Bellechasse region, Neven lost his left eye soon after birth due to retinoblastoma.  As for his right eye, it was diagnosed with severe myopia.  That didn’t stop him, however, from attending regular school, and even obtaining a Bachelors’ degree in History at the Université de Sherbrooke.  He then tried to find work in his region, but the field was quite limited, especially for someone with a handicap.

Hearing of potential employment in Information Technology in the Ottawa region, he decided to move over there.  And while he never got a job in IT, he decided to stay in the region anyway.  After many different short-term employment opportunities, (including contracts with the Government of Canada), in March 2014, he was hired by the Archdiocese of Gatineau, where he notably helped in establishing a standard electronic filing system for diocesan documents.

Neven has many talents, including photography and writing (5 published novels).  He is also somewhat of a tea connoisseur.

Bozica Domitrovic - Secretary / Receptionist

A native of Croatia, where she completed a collegiate degree in Food and Tourism, she arrived in Canada in 2001.

After mastering the French language, she completed a formation in Office Administration, and a professional degree in Accounting.

She has worked as a receptionist, an administrative assistant, an accounting clerk, and a chocolate-maker.

She is the mother of a grown daughter, and is a big lover of nature and animals.

François Lamoureux - Trainee administrative assistant

A native of Hull, he completed studies in Philosophy and Library Studies.  In fact, he had once worked as a librarian.  His big interests are philosophy and history.

António Gil Teixeira - Janitorial work and maintenance

A native of Porto Formoso, on the island of São Miguel in the Azores, (a territory of Portugal), he started working very young.  At age 25, he immigrated to Canada in 1972.  Soon after, he started working in construction; an occupation he kept until 2008, when he became an employee of the Archdiocese of Gatineau.

His favourite sport is soccer; indeed, he’s been a member of the Gatineau-West Soccer Club (GWSC) since 1986.

He’s been married for 28 years now, and he is the happy grandfather of five grandchildren who are his pride and joy.

Originally from the now-amalgamated town of Wrightville, she received her baptism and other sacraments at the St?Joseph-de-Hull church. 

Very young, she started to take part in many different parish committees: the Eucharistic Crusade; Children of Mary; Youth of the World; the parish choir; and committees to help people in need.

At 17 years old, she received her first Teaching Certificate, but continued to take courses on the subject, (as well as in Theology), at university during weekends and the summer months.

For 40 years, she taught classes at the Elementary and High School levels, in Adult Education Centers, and at the Université du Québec, (a course in Religious Education Teaching).  She has taught in Quebec, in northern Ontario, as well as in Cameroon and the Dominican Republic.  During the summer months, she also taught in Native reservations in Manitoba and the Yukon.

After retiring from teaching, she took courses in Supportive Care and Spirituality in Palliation, at Ottawa’s St-Paul University.  She worked in that field for approximately 12 years, and still does it occasionally today.  She also worked for the School Ministry department in the Diocese for around eight years.  And she continues to work in parish ministry and the preparation of sacraments.

Martha Lucía Cepeda _ Communication Officer

Originally from the State of Zulia, in Venezuela, and at the beginning of her professional career, she was helping to promote the respect of human rights while working for many local NGO’s.  The interventions and projects carried out throughout the years with these non-profit organizations enabled her to gain experience in identifying the needs of vulnerable groups (indigenous people, women, children,…), and helping to strengthen the autonomy of these same groups.  That led her to master the infrastructure of pilot projects on microcredit and microfinances aiming to help people in need, in starting a whole new life for themselves.

This humanitarian baggage followed her during her immigration to Canada.  Finding herself facing the reality of every immigrant, i.e. the language barrier and the quasi-non-recognition of her previous diplomas, Martha Lucia decided, after years of learning and mastering the French language, to make a fresh start professionally, and so she took on a DEC in Accounting.  After receiving her first Canadian professional diploma, she was hired at the Diocese of Gatineau, as an accounting clerk.  But thanks to a complete reorganization of tasks at the Diocesan Centre, Martha Lucia now occupies the position of Communications Agent, a position given to her thanks to her past experiences in the field.

She is the mother of two beautiful teenage children.