Staff Bethel

The sisters of the religious congregation Ste-Famille de Bordeaux will be happy to welcome you.


Pastoral studies in the Philippines

Catechism experience in Sri Lanka: children and adults

Music and singing, High school English professor 

Bachelors’ degree (General)  in Education, specializing in English literature and linguistics.




Certificate in Theology, and courses in practical catechism

Sessions in missiology and missionary experience in Paraguay 2½ years

Studies: Social work, and experience in the field, Diploma in English (Three years)

Music and singing.




Certificate in Theology

Catechism experience in high schools and adult education centers, and in the parish.

University studies: Bachelors’s degree in Education, specializing in Speech Therapy.

Experience as a high school English teacher.


Price of Bethel for 2017

For one night: $ 15 per person

Each meal: $ 5 per person

Group price: For more information, please contact whit...

Carrefour Bethel
3 Donat-Saint-Amour Street
Gatineau  QC  J8M 1B6
Téléphone : 819 607-9007