The challenge of infertility

Is procreation the only goal of marriage?

Openness to life is one of the four pillars of Christian marriage.

Procreation is, however, but a secondary goal.

Procreation as a goal of Christian marriage is a concept that is often well-anchored in our society.  Yet if one believes the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the sacrament of marriage is first and foremost « ordered by its nature for the good of the spouses », then « for the generation and education of children », who thus only arrive in second place.

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Being born another way?

ARE WE HEADING TOWARDS POST-HUMANS? (2/4)  For 30 years now, medical aid in procreation (MAP) has been developing itself throughout the world.  They are techniques, initially destined to remedy infertility, but are now considered as alternative ways of procreation, thus raising many ethical questions.

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