The person of the vicar general



« In each diocese, a Vicar-General must be named by the diocesan bishop: provided with Ordinary powers according to the following canons, he helps the Bishop in the governance of the entire diocese. » (Canon Law, no. 475,1)

As the bishop can’t do everything himself, the Vicar-General assists him in his duties throughout the diocese.  He’s given precise powers and functions, and is a member of multiple diocesan councils.

He provides representation for the Church of Gatineau when needed; he manages the ministry concerning the reception of people who wish to be heard by the diocesan authorities, thus enabling him to grant exemptions, permissions and authorizations, in the exercise of the regular administration of the diocese.  If needed, he can celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation.

He participates in Inter-Ouest bishops’ meetings twice a year, and takes on any other duty assigned to him by the bishop.


The Vicar-General of the Diocese of Gatineau is Father Philippe Gendron., V.G.